What the Pros 

Are saying!


Karen Portillo



I think it's an amazing program because like I said, this is something that is not taught in school and I'm part of a lot of Facebook groups where, I constantly see the same question.


Tyla Acevedo



This is going to be so helpful to so many people, And it's truly an investment that you have to look at that's going to do nothing but better you from this point on.


Amanda Ezell



Not everybody knows how to be a business owner or how to get a business off the ground, how to create loyalty for their customer base and create a referral system, right. That serve you almost like a community of people. And so that's what this course is, is going to do for people, which I'm so excited about because it's going to fill in some of those gaps that you didn't get, frankly, when you went to learn the services.


Sierra Edwards



This program that's going to educate you, not take your money and run and give you all the resources you need and sign in 24 seven access.

Bianca Marrero 



Beauty Babe Business Academy’s webinar provided an exceptional platform to learn about their program and the beauty industry as a whole. The abundance of valuable information, interactive engagement, and the passion of Nichole Lancaster made for a memorable and enriching experience. I highly recommend Beauty Babe Business Academy to anyone interested in gaining insights into the dynamic world of the Aesthetics business. I felt well informed and inspired to explore being my own boss further. I am looking forward to working with this company!

Megan Palmer



It was such a great class! I got a good overview of what I need to focus on to launch my business, most of which I had no idea about. The steps were laid out in order, so it was not nearly as daunting.