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This 6-part live series reveals how today's 6 and 7 figure beauty business owners have started their business reached more clients and created more impact.

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This is your moment to shine in the beauty industry. Secure your spot now for this exclusive 1:1 mentorship experience, and unlock the door to unparalleled insights, guidance, and growth. The path to becoming a trailblazer in the beauty business starts with the right mentor by your side. Are you ready to take the first step towards your extraordinary future?

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Are you passionate about the beauty industry but unsure about the financial aspect? This mini course is your guiding light.

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In this course, you'll discover the tried-and-true strategies to make a whopping 20k during the holiday season.


Host your own 5 figure spa event using my proven tools


I've taken the same planning and tools I've used to host $50,000 spa events and put them together in an easy to get through course just for you! 

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Bianca Marrero 



Beauty Babe Business Academy’s webinar provided an exceptional platform to learn about their program and the beauty industry as a whole. The abundance of valuable information, interactive engagement, and the passion of Nichole Lancaster made for a memorable and enriching experience. I highly recommend Beauty Babe Business Academy to anyone interested in gaining insights into the dynamic world of the Aesthetics business. I felt well informed and inspired to explore being my own boss further. I am looking forward to working with this company!

Megan Palmer



It was such a great class! I got a good overview of what I need to focus on to launch my business, most of which I had no idea about. The steps were laid out in order, so it was not nearly as daunting. 

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