How to make $100,000 as an esthetician

Apr 24, 2024
How to make $100,000 as an esthetician

Hey Beauty Babes! Have you googled," How to make $100,000 as an esthetician?"

Your social is probably flooded with promises of quick fixes and overnight success, but stick with me for a moment because I have something different to offer you.

Have you ever wondered why some estheticians seem to effortlessly reach the coveted $100,000 mark while others struggle to break free from the grind? Well, I have a not-so-secret secret for you: the fastest way to make $100,000 as an esthetician this year is by getting yourself a mentor.

Now, before you roll your eyes and exit out of this blog, hear me out.

If you're like many solo estheticians out there (and let's be honest, that might just be you), you're probably feeling stuck in a cycle of hustle and hard work, yet your income isn't reflecting the effort you're putting in. It's frustrating, demoralizing, and frankly, unsustainable.

But here's the thing: you don't have to go it alone an esthetician mentor is at your finger tips!

A study by UPS revealed that a staggering 70% of small businesses with mentors survived over 5 years, compared to just 2-3 years for those without mentors. That statistic alone should be enough to make you sit up and take notice.

You see, trying to grow your business to $100,000 all by yourself as a solo esthetician is like trying to build a house without blueprints. Sure, you might make some progress, but without the proper guidance and structure, you're bound to hit roadblocks and setbacks along the way.

That's where an esthetician mentor comes in.

When you invest in an esthetician business coach who has been there, done that, and helped countless other solo estheticians and spa owners reach six and seven-figure incomes, you're not just investing in your solo spa business – you're investing in yourself.

With the right esthetician mentor by your side, you'll:

Start seeing your spa business as, well, a business – not just a spa where you perform services.


Stop relying solely on hustle and hard work to get ahead.


Start valuing your time and focusing on the activities that actually move the needle in your business.


Realize that structure equals freedom, allowing you to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


In short, you'll start running your spa business instead of letting it run you.

So if you're tired of feeling stuck, underpaid, and overworked, it's time to make a change. It's time to invest in yourself and your solo esthetician business by finding the right esthetician mentor.

And hey, if you're curious about how six and seven-figure solo estheticians run their businesses – because let's face it, who isn't? – then I've got something special for you.

Introducing our Private Esthetician Community – the only place where you can get weekly esthetician business coaching and mentorship from yours truly, all year round.

So grab your Estie Bestie and head over to our private community to see how we can help you fast-track your way to $100,000 in 2024.

Your success is waiting – are you ready to seize it?

To your thriving spa business 💕